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Water Quality Standards and Criteria Footnotes

Canadian water quality guidelines for the protection of fresh water aquatic life. The fresh water aquatic life criteria for Methoprene is 0.09 (Target Organism Management value: 0.53) �g/L

Footnote c:

Interim guideline.


Footnote j:

The technical document for the guideline is available from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.


Footnote cc:

Two protective values for methoprene were derived to resolve the Canadian Water Quality Guideline (CWQG) guiding principle that all forms of aquatic life at all life stages are to be protected, with the fact that methoprene is applied intentionally to water to control mosquito populations. The first is an interim CWQG of 0.09 µg a.i.⁄L that is protective of all aquatic life including mosquitoes (derivation of guideline included mosquito data). The second is an interim Target Organism Management value of 0.53 µg a.i.⁄L that is protective of most aquatic life with the exception that some mosquito species are not protected (derivation of management value excluded mosquito data; the management value exceeds the 24-h LC50 for some mosquito species). See fact sheet or consult the Ontario Ministry of the Environments technical supporting document on which value to apply .