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Water Quality Standards and Criteria Footnotes

U.S. national water quality criteria for continuous exposure in fresh water. The water quality criteria for continuous exposure in fresh water for PCP is 15 �g/L

Footnote f:

Freshwater aquatic life values for pentachlorophenol are expressed as a function of pH, and are calculated as follows: CMC = exp(1.005(pH)-4.869); CCC = exp(1.005(pH)-5.134). Values displayed in table correspond to a pH of 7.8.


Footnote k:

This recommended criterion is based on a 304(a) aquatic life criterion that was issued in the 1995 Updates: Water Quality Criteria Documents for the Protection of Aquatic Life in Ambient Water, (EPA 820-B-96-001, September 1996). This value was derived using the GLI Guidelines (60 FR 15393-15399, March 23, 1995; 40CFR132 Appendix A); the difference between the 1985 Guidelines and the GLI Guidelines are explained on page iv of the 1995 Updates. None of the decisions concerning the derivation of this criterion were affected by any considerations that are specific to the Great Lakes.