PAN Pesticides Database - Water Standards and Criteria

Water Quality Standards and Criteria Footnotes

U.S. national water quality criteria for the protection of human health where both aquatic organisms grown in the water are consumed and the water is consumed. This level for Benzo[b]fluoranthene is 0.0038 �g/L

Footnote b:

This criterion has been revised to reflect The Environmental Protection Agency's q1∗ or RfD, as contained in the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) as of May 17, 2002. The fish tissue bioconcentration factor (BCF) from the 1980 Ambient Water Quality Criteria document was retained in each case.


Footnote c:

This criterion is based on carcinogenicity of 10-6 risk. Alternate risk levels may be obtained by moving the decimal point (e.g., for a risk level of 10-5, move the decimal point in the recommended criterion one place to the right).